Dirt Divers Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services

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Truck Mounted High Quality Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Most of our Janitorial Services include regular carpet and or tile cleaning as part of our services. We use high powered scrubbers to remove dirt and grime from tile floors and we use our professional carpet cleaning machines to clean your carpets. We can handle the smallest to the biggest jobs whether you're an attorney's office in a ground level office or a firm in a multi-story executive suite, we have the right equipment for the job! Our professional staff is trained and qualified to bring the best results!


We have nightly accounts that clean floors and restrooms after everyone has left. This leaves virtually zero liability for you as floors and areas are cleaned with no customers about and risks of slip and falls don't exist. Why have your staff cleaning after hours when they could be used for more important tasks (like making you money)?

Restaurant Carpets

Our teams deep scrub carpets and use steam and high extraction to remove the sodas and food that gets ground into your restarant carpeting


Keep your establishment looking and smelling clean. Whether it's dinning chairs, booths or waiting area seating, we clean it all!

Office Area Cleaning

We clean smaller offices on a weekly basis. Most of our janitorial accounts include carpet and/or tile cleaning on a regular basis as part of the agreement. We clean floors, counters, restrooms, desktops, fixtures, you name it! If you need it cleaned, we can likely do it. Don't use your staff for cleaning. Keep them happy what they do best and let us do what others don't like to do!